Electronic instruments that used for TV networks such as Taps, spliiters, Amplifiers, Headhend unit, Coaxial cables RG-,RGFemale and male connectors, Terminators, adjusters, wall out lets, 42" panasonic plasma spare Need full line of raw materials Grade A and Grade B needed for manufacturing baby diapers and female sanitary napkins.

Dear Sir,oour company won pcs of standard flags for different reginal state in Ethiopia and We are searching for manufacturer of flag in india please contact us ASAp. Dawit Boka. Our company Haset wholesales business plc, which has been a leader in the field of wholesaling different agricultural and manufactured food industries Ethiopia. We have products available are pure organic nature.

Top Industry Companies in Ethiopia

Our are:- Soy bean, Our company is mainly engaged in exporting organic foods from Ethiopia to various overseas and also give professional business advise for foreign investors partners, inform hot act as an intermediary between buyers sellers. NES International General Commission Agent is established with a vision of being leading commission agent in the world market. The company has identified the gap in marketing sourcing industrial inputs country.

So our organization mainly engaged We are one of the most known Humera type sesame and Wollega exporters in country. Mesfin industrial Engineering is a metal manufacturing company which engadged transportation manufacturing different types of trailers and truck mounted bodiesenergy sector penstockssteel structure PEB towers etc Labora is a major importer,exporter and commision agents of Medical equipment ,medical supplies,and diagnostics in Afria based Ethiopia.

Laboa imports quality medical products from known manufacturers. Labora distrbuts acts as Please, include the detailed technical Our Company is one of the leading company in export sector. We export agricultural products and live Camels. These infrastructures carry Reinforcement bar manufacturer in Ethiopia with a installed capacity of 75, tons per anum from scrap metal.

Our Company Getahun Kider Enterprise p. Gem Ethiopia specialize in an ample variety of rough gemstones and have over 15 years experience providing quality uncut with exceptional customer service. We are one the most trusted biggest gemstone dealers East Africa. We are based Addis Ababa Ethiopia. In addition to this we will engage on another products. We are in road construction industry hence we need construction equipment, vehicles, steel, cement RCC pipes etc.

About usOur MissionContributing in building a better productive business environment, by enriching our clients and becoming the means of having better, stable, more effective efficient processes.

Our VisionTo be one leading SENYO Business PLC Management Consultancy Service brings together a team of established and experienced resources which will provide fresh, innovative strategic thinking on enterprise wide risks that our clients encounter in the We are a leading producers exporters of Olibanum in Ethiopia Since The excellent quality.The sectors under review are industry, telecom, banking sector, ICT, investments and more.

Developed in conjunction with Ext-Joom. The number of banks operating in the country remains for the moment only 19 with a total of branches dispersed across Ethiopia. The majority of the bank branches are concentrated in the capital Addis Ababa. There exist significant differences among the 19 existing banks in the country in terms of total assets and number of branches. The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has the largest total assets However the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia is not the only bank which is currently undergoing rapid expansion of its network; Oromia International Bank and Awash International Bank are experiencing similar developments, too.

Ethiopia remains highly under-banked as the number of banks in the country is very low when compared the size of population 93 million. We have compiled the following list of top banks in Ethiopia according to their size and role in the banking market in Ethiopia.

National Bank of Ethiopia. Prior to this proclamation, the Bank used to carry out dual activities, i. However, monetary and banking proclamation No.

top 10 companies in ethiopia

The National Bank of Ethiopia, governed by Teklewold Atnafu, has issued a directive that requires Microfinance institutions Mfis to have a minimum paid-up capital of two million ETB, effective as of October 1, This is a tenfold increment from the previous requirement of ETBThe fate of Mfis that do not fulfil the new requirement will be a merger or liquidation, according to the directive.

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has been established in C were merged to form the sole commercial bank in the country until the establishment of private commercial banks in The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia is governmentally owned. This bank is considered as the leading bank in Ethiopia and the pioneer in introducing modern banking to the country, ATM services for local users and Western Union Money Transfer services in Ethiopia.

Awash International Bank.Do you want to you start a business in Ethiopia? If YES, here are 50 best small scale business ideas and investment opportunities in Ethiopia you can start in The economy of Ethiopia is growing stronger with each passing day.

This has led to an increase in business opportunities in the country. We have compiled for you a list of the top 50 business ideas that you could consider to make the most of the present economic boom. This is an important industry in Ethiopia. Forestry is also an important resource in the country along with fisheries.

Also, commercial processing of produce and raw materials gotten from agriculture provides an opportunity for business in Ethiopia. Manufacturing Industry. The Ethiopian economy today provides excellent opportunities in the manufacturing industry, especially in the clothing and textile sector.

Other top rising manufacturing sectors to invest in include food and beverages, leather, metallurgy, electronics and so on. Most of the top entrepreneurs out there are owners of successful manufacturing companies and plants. Real Estate. This industry is growing at an alarming rate in Ethiopia. The construction and real estate industry is increasing in demand in all parts of the country. This industry is growing every day, providing opportunities for new business aspirants.

Vending machines. Most people in Ethiopia are always on the move and would not like to waste precious time in the process of buying things. This has led to an increase in the demand for vendors and their machines. A vending machine for the sale of small items like drinks, snacks, water, milk, juice, newspapers, cigarettes, etc.

This is a splendid business idea for busy places like a bus terminus, schools or colleges or even a busy residential area in Ethiopia.

There is a rise in the demand for wheat and maize flour in the country. This is due to the increase in population in Ethiopia. This has led to an opening for local business opportunities for Ethiopian people. Whether the grains are brought for milling by the customer, or the mills produce flour in large amounts and it is packaged and sold to wholesalers and retailers, this business is quite viable.

Event management and Party planning. There is never a dearth of parties in Ethiopia. Several events ranging from company events, religious and entertainment events to weddings, birthdays, etc. But planning for these events are usually stressful and time consuming.

Event planners are usually well paid depending on the size of the event or party. Planning these events can give you an impressive income yearly. If problem solving comes easy to you or friends and colleagues often come to you for assistance or help on certain areas, then you could have a business opportunity in your hands.

You can offer your services to people at a stipulated rate. Companies and business organizations need persons known as consultants, to help them achieve their visions and missions.The sectors under review are industry, telecom, banking sector, ICT, investments and more.

Developed in conjunction with Ext-Joom. Ethiopian government is currently greatly encouraging the involvement of the private sector in manufacturing—all in order to transform the economy into an industry-led one.

What are the top industrial and top manufactring companies in Ethiopia which lead the industrial production in the country? Equatorial Business Group. At the time of its establishment, EEC was engaged in the import and distribution of electronics, household and office goods and services. As the investment environment of the country favored new developments in the private sector, the owners of the company injected more capital and went into more strategic business ventures with a view of contributing to the national economy and to generating more employment opportunities to fellow citizens.

The investors also saw the importance of technology, knowledge and skills most vital to the country through the import of the products and services to the local market as they entailed high-tech soft and hardware features. The Ethiopian Electric Power is in charge of undertaking the country's power projects including the mega hydroelectric dams, and will be administered by the EEPCO management. The Ethiopian Electric Services is tasked with operating, distributing and selling electricity, and has been outsourced to an Indian company with a 2-year management contract worth of 21 million USD.

Derba MIDROC Cement was established following the shortage in the supply of cement and it currently has a capacity of producing 8, tons of cement per day. Horizon Addis Tyre Company. Established in as Addis Tyre, the factory was completely state-owned until the first joint venture JV arrangement the government had ever entered into, inselling away 61pc to Matador, a Slovakian company, for Renamed Matador Addis Tyre, the company introduced radial tyres and new molds before selling 51pc of its shares in to Continental Germany, a tyre manufacturer based in Hanover.

Later, Horizon Plantation acquired all 61pc shares from the two companies for The company announced on Tuesday, May 29,an earlier ETB 30 million investment, which Jemal Ahmed, general manager of Horizon Plantations, called the first phase. This phase included the modification of light truck diagonal tyres, introduction of new patterns for the factory's products, and introduction of new sizes for light truck radial tyres to be used by vehicles like Land Cruisers and minibuses.

Technostyle is the leading importer and supplier of world class furniture in Ethiopia. Pittards Ethiopia Tannery. Pittards Ethiopia Tannery is a UK-based leather and leather products manufacturing company and is the leader in its segment. Pittards joined the leather sector in Ethiopia in and thus began managing the Ethiopian Tannery Share Company. It has recently joined sheep farming. Purchasing the auctioned state-owned breweries such as Bedele and Harar beers by the Privatization and Public Enterprises Supervising Agency, Heineken is now a dominant company in Ethiopia's brewery industry.

MOAB Plc. It is highly engaged in food complex whose large majority raw materials are from the local market. Pasqua Giuseppe Plc. Established inPasqua Giuseppe Plc. Metals and Engineering Corporation. Metals and Engineering Corporation is a state-owned firm that is administered by the defense.Because of lack of corporate transparency in Ethiopia, despite our best effort to be as accurate as possible, we may have left out some companies.

Please note this is a list of private for profit companies in Ethiopia. We will continue to update and revise the list as we receive additional data from various sources and feedback from readers. We would like to hear your feedback. Please leave your comment below. Working the 5 campany but such a poor salary! What do you mean wrong data? Very wrong data.

How does dashen beer is stated while BGI is not there which covers more than 50 percent of the beer market? BGI is foreign entity. Part of the main BGI so it can not be included here. Only for Ethiopian Private companies.

This is a good effort for starting listing our top 20th. Hope next time you would come with a more closer to the real information. The lists are not mentioned the real figure. It contains more than 25 sister companies like Messebo mentioned on the listAlemeda Textile, Mesfin Industrial engineering,Trans Ethiopia, Adigrat pharmaceuticals industry,Guna general Trading,Wegagen Bank, Sur Construction,…the like huge companies. The source of the capital is only politics.

So where is the name of this company on the list? It is good start but mis-leading…you can easily have all the banks revenue from the news papers as it is a public information and you have only mention only two banks…most of the banks revenue is far more than most of the top 20 and the list would be only banks….

Thank you all for your constructive comments. Preparing this list was a difficult undertaking due to lack of transparency in the Ethiopian business sector.

The list is a work in progress. As we receive additional data from various sources and feedback from readers, we will update and improve it. We have already made some improvements and corrections since it was published yesterday.

Top 20 Largest Private Companies in Ethiopia

The latest information we have is that EFFORT is not a private or share company that pays tax, as it is reported to be a non-profit company. That is why it is not included in the list.

Because of its NGO status, genius! As far as competence, sure, we are aware of how good they are at looting national wealth. Good job!

top 10 companies in ethiopia

Even Forbes List have a hard time as some of these corporations have ways to hide their money. I think you can improve as you keep digging more and make all these information public. It is a good beginning to write this kind of reflection so that the public know what is going on.

top 10 companies in ethiopia

But why is Addis Modjo listed twice with different amount of asset? Who buy the land 1k by Year over year, that dollar amount represents a Please note that the overall value of exported goods and services includes a sizable share of re-exports.

The analysis below focuses on exported products only. The latest available country-specific data for shows that Ethiopia shipped another The following export product groups represent the highest dollar value in Ethiopian global shipments during Also shown is the percentage share each export category represents in terms of overall exports from Ethiopia. In second place for improving export sales was unknitted and non-crocheted clothing or accessories thanks to a In second place were oil seeds The following types of Ethiopian product shipments represent positive net exports or a trade balance surplus.

Ethiopia has highly positive net exports in the international trade of coffee. Below are exports from Ethiopia that result in negative net exports or product trade balance deficits. Ethiopia has highly negative net exports and therefore deep international trade deficits under aircraft and spacecraft as well as the machinery including computers category. The loss-leader under the latter category is turbo-jets, a capital-intensive and highly technical commodity that Ethiopia finds challenging to manufacture.

Given that Ethiopia is an emerging economy, it should come as no surprise that not one Ethiopian corporation appears on the Forbes Global list.

Wikipedia does document some Ethiopian export companies. Selected examples are shown below:. According to global trade intelligence firm Zepol, the following companies are examples of Ethiopian exporters representing diverse industries:.

Accessed on September 11, Ethiopian Export Companies Given that Ethiopia is an emerging economy, it should come as no surprise that not one Ethiopian corporation appears on the Forbes Global list. Selected examples are shown below: Ambo Mineral Water bottled mineral water Ethio Telecom mobile, fixed line, broadband services Marathon Motors Engineering automobiles Yebbo Communication Network software, websites Yousran International sesame seeds, spice seeds, edible oils According to global trade intelligence firm Zepol, the following companies are examples of Ethiopian exporters representing diverse industries: A Oil Seeds and Cereals Export beans including kidney beans Haicof Limited coffee Harar Brewery Share malt beer Max Export polypropylene Packtra polyesters, lamps.Ethiopia is a country located in the Horn of Africa.

This list includes notable companies with primary headquarters located in the country. The industry and sector follow the Industry Classification Benchmark taxonomy. Organizations which have ceased operations are included and noted as defunct. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Africa portal Companies portal. Retrieved 13 January Retrieved Constitutional Military.

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Anbessa City Bus Service Enterprise. Awash International Bank. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. Cooperative Bank of Oromia. Ethiopia Commodity Exchange. Brewery, now part of Heineken International Netherlands. Marathon Motors Engineering. National Bank of Ethiopia.

Zemedeneh Negatu on where the biggest business opportunities lie in Ethiopia today [2/5]

Central bank. Oromia International Bank.

Top 20 Largest Private Companies in Ethiopia

Selam Bus Line Share Company. Sky Bus Transport System. By topic Constitutional Military.